London Astoria to be ‘replaced’ after demolition

Venue owners say they are looking forward to 'replacement being born'

Owners of the London Astoria insist its location has has a future as a venue, despite confirming its final night, hosted by Ibiza’s Manumission club, will take place on January 15.

The concert hall in central London will be demolished to make way for a new railway station as part of the Crossrail project that will install a new line linking the capital’s east and west.

However speaking to NME.COM, Melvin Benn managing director of the Astoria‘s owners Festival Republic insisted the iconic venue will be replaced.

“It is a sad day for music fans who are losing out to long planned and long awaited progress of London‘s transport system,” he explained.

However he added it was not the last of the Astoria: “We can do no more than celebrate how good it was and look forward to its replacement being born when construction begins.”