New Year resolutions as bands – Friday Fun

Time-wasting New Year fun here…

New Year’s Eve hangover just about gone? Excellent. No doubt you’re in full swing of your New Year resolution by now, right?

Well, to inspire you on your way, we’ve been coming up with bands as New Year resolutions to pass the time until the pub opens (where we’ll be drinking soda water, of course).

Quiet Diet, Stop Biting Nine Inch Nails, Eat more Green(s) Day, Read more Goodbooks, Become Jamie T Total – that’s the kind of stuff we’ve been coming up with.

Now we want you to plough in and do better. Head to the NME Office Blog now to see what everyone else has been coming up with, then add your own bands as New Year resolutions in the comment box.

Sounds stupid, but once you start, you’ll be addicted, trust us. All the best with your New Year resolutions!