Emo kids attacked in Mexico and Chile

Mass violence spreads as emos march for peace

A wave of violence against emo kids is spreading across Mexico, with the music fans being attacked by mobs in the street, and further threats of large-scale attacks in Tijuana during the forthcoming Feria de San Marcos, the annual national fair.

The attacks are reportedly coming from metal, punk and rockabilly music fans who dislike the emo look and attitude, according to LA Weekly’s Daniel Hernandez.

The violent attacks are partly being blamed on an on-air rant by ‘Televisa’ TV personality Kristoff who recently called emo ‘fucking bullshit’. Kristoff subsequently called for an end to the violence but it is thought he make take the fall if the government blames Televisa for the trouble.


On March 7 around 800 young people in the city of Querataro amassed against emos in the city resulting in many violent attacks, and a week later a similar incident occurred in Mexico City. Emos in both cities responded to the attacks by marching peacefully through the center of the cities.

Meanwhile, Chile is also seeing a wave of violence against emo, with TV station Chilevision showing an attack on a group of PokEMOns by skinheads. Emo’s in Chile are known as PokEMOns.

–By our New York staff.

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