Kreayshawn claims to be broke after accountant ‘robbed’ her

Rapper rose to fame in 2011 with viral hit 'Gucci Gucci'

Rapper Kreayshawn has claimed that her bank account has been “wiped clean” by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) after claims that she hadn’t paid her taxes.

The Oakland native – who rose to fame in 2011 with the viral hit ‘Gucci Gucci’ – recently took to Twitter to suggest that she was “robbed” by her accountant who kept the money she intended to use for her taxes for himself instead.

“Can’t believe the day came,” Kreayshawn wrote in a series of now deleted tweets. “The IRS wiped my whole bank account clean. Four days before X-mas. I’m completely devastated.”


She added: “I did pay my taxes [except] instead of my accountant paying them, he took the money for the taxes and never filed and robbed me. So now I have to pay taxes from 2011 [to] now. My current lawyer said we’d work out a payment plan. But I woke up to my [account] on zero with no warning.”

Kreayshawn then said she removed her tweets due to the negative reaction from fans.

“Had to delete those tweets because it’s painful seeing people laugh at my misfortune and devastation,” she wrote. “The chronicle misfortunes of [a] piece of white trash from Oakland. My best selling novel. When people say it’s okay you been [through] worse, [I don’t know] if that’s even true and if it is true then wow my life is really shit! LOL!”

See Kreayshawn’s tweets and her video for ‘Gucci Gucci’ below.


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