Radio 1 blamed for house party destruction

On air shout-out leads to 'a rave situation'

Radio 1 have been blamed for mass destruction at a Devon house party after DJ Pete Tong gave a shout-out to the party live on air.

The 18th birthday party, held in a Grade II listed building in Bovey Tracey, was flooded with nearly 2,000 gatecrashers after it was mentioned on the radio station.

Bouncers had been hired for the event, which was originally hosting 100 people, but they were reportedly unable to keep the revellers away, until police turned up and used dogs to disperse the gatecrashers.

The house’s owner, Rebecca Brooks, told BBC News: “I blame the BBC for this. We are considering our options. It was terrifying, absolutely terrifying. The droves of people coming towards the house was frightening, it looked like we had a rock festival here.

“They left a complete mess, with broken glass everywhere and pictures off the wall and broken – it was a rave situation.”

The gatecrashers continued to make havoc in the town of Bovey Tracey, including breaking shop windows.

Commenting on the affair, a BBC spokesperson said: “Pete [Tong] did not specify the name or address of the venue, but read out details of a mansion party taking place in Bovey Tracey sent in by a listener.

“He gives shout outs on his show every week, listeners are familiar with this format, and he would never knowingly give an identifiable address for a private party.”