NME announces first ever NME People Of The Year list

The definitive rundown of the modern-day heroes that made 2015 great

Miley Cyrus, Noel Gallagher, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Skepta and Scottish MP, Mhairi Black all feature in NME’s first ever People of the Year list.

Revealed today (December 17), the list is composed of who the NME team consider to be modern-day heroes for their triumphs in 2015.

Former NME cover-star Taylor Swift is included for becoming the most powerful pop star on the planet
and achieving a fairer deal for artists the world over with her landmark letter to Apple.

Mhairi Black, meanwhile, impressed by becoming the youngest MP elected to the House of Commons since 1880. When elected in May 2015, she was 20 years and 237 days old, proving that if you’re good enough, you’re old enough.


Skepta‘s efforts in taking grime global are rewarded while Nicki Minaj is recognised for starting conversations about race and gender in the entertainment industry.

In a year that saw her wave goodbye to the Hunger Games franchise which made her a household name, Jennifer Lawrence impressed by campaigning against pay differences between men and women. Elsewhere in Hollywood, director J.J. Abrams got us excited about Star Wars for the first time since 1999.

Tom Howard, NME deputy editor, says: “The selection process was fraught and heated, and involved a series of intense meetings that would make the papal election procedure look snappy. But we got there in the end, and the 12 people on the list are all influential and inspiring modern day heroes.”

NME People Of The Year 2015:

Taylor Swift – For establishing herself as the most powerful pop star on the planet
Kendrick Lamar – For making rap righteous again
The Libertines – For the year’s most beautiful (and unlikely) comeback
Mhairi Black – For changing the face of British politics
Skepta – For taking grime global
Miley Cyrus – For refusing to conform, and celebrating diversity
Nicki Minaj – For speaking out on race, gender and sexuality
Mathieu Flamini – For trying to save the world with his geo-energy company GF Biochemicals
Adele – For breaking every record in music history
Jennifer Lawrence – For being the year’s best role model
JJ Abrams– For re-awakening The Force
Noel Gallagher -For cutting through the crap and making us laugh

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