The legal download service is now offering more and more...

NAPSTER UK have announced their catalogue now contains 700,000 tracks.

The legal download service launched last month (May 20) with 500,000 songs available. However, that number has now increased.

Leanne Sharman, Napster vice-president and UK general manager said: “Not only does Napster 2.0 offer UK music fans the widest range of features of any online music service, it also offers the richest, deepest treasure trove of music to delve in to.

“Napster 2.0 gives users their own virtual music superstore where there is something for everyone, and we’re very grateful to the labels, artists, managers, publishers and other rights holders who have been so quick to add their repertoire to the Napster 2.0 catalogue.”

UK residents can download Napster for free at [url=] choose between the subscription service with its free seven-day trial, and the Napster Light download store.