And they're getting help from a retail giant...

Music download site NAPSTER is set

to launch in the UK this summer with the backing of

retail giant DIXONS.

The once huge file-sharing network relaunched in

the US last October as a legitimate pay-for download

service. In major competition with Apple’s iTunes, they announced first quarter sales of more than $6.1m (£3.4m) in the US.

Dixons will promote the new site

by selling Napster-branded blank CDs, CD wallets and

CD labelling kits. It will also promote the service

through its own website.

Napster have not yet revealed a

cost for their downloads, though in the US individual

songs retail for 99 cents (£0.53) with full albums for

around $10 (£5.33).

At one-time Napster’s file-sharing service had 60 million users and threatened the future of major record labels. A judge in the US closed it in 2001

citing copyright infringements. The company entered a

period of flux that ended when they were bought by US

firm Roxio and relaunched.