Police report recommends full-time patrols at problem schools, among other things...

The language and imagery of hiphop has again come under the microscope as both MTV and gangsta rap videos have been blamed by police for a growth in American-style gang culture in Britain’s inner cities.

A new report from the Metropolitan Police, published today (November 30), recommends that police mount full-time patrols at problem schools in a bid to fight the escalating problem.

The London Evening Standard reports that Scotland Yard chiefs are seriously considering implementing many of the report recommendations, so keen are they to contain the &quotstreet crime epidemic”.

Report author Detective Chief Superintendent Andre Baker says that gangs that exist in every London borough are aping the violent initiation rituals and casual attitude to crime they see in rap videos. Police say many of the gangs have already committed brutal murder and rapes and they warn of a growing trend in initiation rites that see girls made to have sex with all gang members.

The study also charts the growth of American gang culture throughout the world. No specific acts are singled out for criticism in the report.

Baker says: “MTV has reached across the world. The situation here is not as bad as it is in the States, but there is a parallel universe developing.”

MTV have replied that they are &quotresponsible broadcasters” who would not show videos that would encourage violence.

&quotMTV takes a very responsible attitude towards its playlist,” a spokesperson told NME.COM this afternoon. &quotWe don’t show videos that glamorise violence in any way and as responsible broadcasters we stick very rigidly to ITC guidelines.”