Trump’s new chief executive receives royalties every time Seinfeld reruns are shown on TV

Beware of those rerun binges

Earlier this week, Donald Trump hired a new chief executive, Stephen Bannon, to run his presidential campaign.

Trump was recently confirmed as the Republican candidate for this year’s US election, with Hilary Clinton running as the Democrat candidate.

According to Fader, after attending Harvard, “Bannon became a banker at Goldman Sachs, focusing on media deals. He reportedly still receives royalties from reruns of the TV show Seinfeld thanks to one of his previous transactions.”


According to a 2015 Businessweek report, said transaction went through a boutique investment bank that Bannon had founded in 1990. One of his clients, Westinghouse Electric, was looking to sell the firm Castle Rock Entertainment, with Turner reportedly eager to buy the firm.

According to Fader, Turner didn’t have enough cash to pay Bannon outright, with the New York Times stating: “In lieu of a full adviser’s fee [from Turner], the firm accepted a stake in five [Castle Rock] shows, including one in its third season regarded as the runt of the litter: Seinfeld.”

Clint Eastwood recently defended Donald Trump in a new interview, saying that people need to “fucking get over” the Republican candidate’s so-called “racist” remarks. Speaking to Esquire, the actor described the incident as “silly” and said that if he had to pick between voting for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, he would “have to go for Trump”.