The relaunched file-sharing service is trumped by Apple's rival iTunes...

The relaunched NAPSTER service has had a shaky start in its first week back online, being trumped by APPLEā€™s rival service ITUNES which sold five times more music.

Apple said that customers bought and downloaded 1.5million songs last week, while Napster sold just 300,000 songs.

Napster reopened on October 29. It had been closed for two years after a judge in California ordered them to remove all copyright infringing songs.

At one time, Napster had 60 million users and threatened to bring the music industry to its knees.

At present, Napster is only available to users in the US. They charge 99 cents for a song and $9.95 for an album. More than 17 million songs have been bought on iTunes at 99 cents each since the service was introduced in April.

And in a further development, the BBC reports that Penn State University is the US is the first college to reach a deal with Napster, offering thousands of students free access.