The Foo Fighters star reckons host Steve Lamacq and his show will be "sorely missed"...

DAVE GROHL has joined NME.COM readers in voicing anger over RADIO 1’s decision to axe the EVENING SESSION with STEVE LAMACQ.

The Evening Session, which is broadcast 8-10pm on Tuesday to Thursday, will finish at the end of the year, to be replaced by a new show. Radio 1 has yet to reveal the details or the presenters of the replacement show, but have said it will exist to showcase “new music”. NME readers and Dave Grohl fear that the station will broadcast what is rumoured to be a more broad-based music show, effectively cutting off crucial exposure to many bands who are looking to launch a career.

Although Lamacq Live will continue on Monday nights, it’s feared that the sort of music NME covers on a weekly basis will suffer in favour of more chart-friendly material.

Dave Grohl told NME.COM how important the Evening Session had been to Nirvana and Foo Fighters in helping both bands find fans in the UK and said that Lamacq and the Evening Session had played a big part in their UK.

He told NME.COM: “Steve’s always been a supporter of rock music in general, but also he’s a man with integrity and good taste. And when someone has those qualities and is in the position that he is, then absolutely he has influenced a lot of people. People like him need to take a hand steering music in the right direction rather than sell-out and do it for the cash. He always seemed like he was doing it for the right reason, for the music.”

Grohl added: “Steve’s one of the few radio DJs I would ever recognise. Most of them are pretty faceless and anonymous – he’s pretty funny looking, you’d recognise him anywhere. He’ll be sorely missed. He’s a great guy. I don’t know who they’ll be able to replace him with.”