They said it would never happen, but the file-sharing application is going legit...

Tomorrow (October 30) sees the comeback they would never happen, as NAPSTER returns to the net.

The original file-sharing service, which was controversially shut down following legal action from record companies, goes legit tomorrow as Napster 2.0 launches.

A paid-for downloading service, Napster 2.0 will be offering half a million songs to users who pay monthly subscriptions or pay for one-off tracks, reports the BBC. A single song will cost 99 cents, while albums will be available at $9.95.

Napster 2.0 will only be available to users in the US, and there are no plans as yet to launch it in Europe.

Last year, the Napster brand name was bought by digital media company Roxio for $5million. Roxio brought Napster founder Shawn Fanning back to the project as a consultant to work on the launch of Napster as a paid-for service.

The new service can be found at its original location, [url=]