The Oscar-winning actor records with a string of country luminaries - and Peter Frampton...

BILLY BOB THORNTON, the Oscar-winning film star and husband of ANGELINA ‘LARA CROFT’ JOLIE, is to release an alt-country album.

The star, who once played drums in a ZZ Top tribute band called Tres Hombres, has recorded the album in Nashville and his Los Angeles home studio. Thornton bought his present home, formerly owned by Guns ‘N Roses guitarist Slash, specifically because he wanted to use the famous Snakepit studio the rock star had built there.

Billy Bob has been recording with country luminaries including Marty Stuart, who has written scores for several of his films, Travis Tritt and Earl Scruggs, and the album is also expected to feature contributions from

70s stadium rock superstar Peter Frampton, one-time Police guitarist Andy Summers, ZZ Top‘s Billy Gibbons and Thornton’s fellow thespian Matt Damon.

Thornton sings and plays drums on the album, titled ‘Private Radio’, which is slated for release in the USA by the Lost Highway label on September

Thornton hopes to tour to support the album’s release.

A track from the sessions, a version of Johnny Cash‘s ‘Ring Of Fire’, is included on banjo pioneer Scruggs’ new album, ‘Earl Scruggs And Friends’, released in August by MCA. Elton John, Sting and Johnny Cash also guest on the banjo-man’s LP.