There are going to be lots of improvements but the ride could be a little, well, rocky...

NME.COM is getting a spring clean at the moment, to make sure it will run faster and cure problems we’ve had with the consistent availability of NME.COM. We’ve also dramatically improved the site search.

Obviously there are bound to be a number of little errors in the next 24 hours, don’t worry we are working around the clock to fix them as they arise. However, if you notice any errors please e-mail [url=]

If you’re a regular user of MyNME I’m afraid to say that there’ll be a temporarily abbreviated service. You will be able to set your e-mail preferences, including artist choice, and to access your e-mail account, but your scrapbook will be temporarily suspended. Don’t worry, as all your settings and scrapbook will be saved ready for the re-introduction – which should be by Christmas.

When you login you’ll be asked to update your details so we can make sure our records are up-to-date – this so that whenever you enter a competition you’ll be able to just login with your user name and password without having to fill in all your details.

Unfortunately any bookmarks you have for individual news stories will no longer work. Please accept apologies for this inconvenience but it is to improve NME.COM overall.

Happy surfing


Anthony Thornton

Editor, NME.COM