Kurupt FM: ‘I think we’re probably banned from the Tate now’

MC Grindah talks about the group's recent rave at Tate Britain

MC Grindah, one third of the Kurupt FM crew, has revealed what it was like to gig at the Tate Britain.

The trio broadcast live from the basement of the historic art gallery last week (Dec 4) for Late at the Tate, which was then supposed to be screened in one of the galleries for fans to see, but Kurupt FM weren’t happy about the separation.

“Man had to drop the mic, run out the basement into the main room and just drop ‘Get Out The Way’ and turn it into a rave,” MC Grindah told Noisey. “Because [the audience] thought we weren’t actually going to come out, they were all going nuts. Literally streaming tears out of their eyes, screaming ‘WHERE ARE THEY!? WHERE ARE THEY!?'”


He continued: “People were blazing in there, it was a riot. Security were having a mare.” The group were apparently told to stop, but carried on for a bit anyway. “It was hard cos I just wanted to carry on so we a least dropped our two classics so the people got what they wanted… They fakin’ loved it to be fair. Only thing is I think we’re probably banned from the Tate now.”

Kurupt FM’s mockumentary about a Brentford pirate radio station, ‘People Just Do Nothing’, ranked in at number nine on NME’s TV Of The Year 2015.


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Also on show at Late at the Tate was Reuben Dangoor’s ‘Legends of the Scene’ pop-up exhibition, in which he depicted grime artists as 19th century members of the landed gentry. Featuring portraits of Wiley, Dizzee Rascal, Skepta and more, all painted as aristocrats.

Dangoor is also known for the 2010 viral video ‘Being A Dickhead’s Cool’.