The rapper insists it was not him who shot dead a 16-year-old in January...

Rapper C-MURDER pleaded not guilty to second degree murder during a hearing in LOUISIANA yesterday (March 6).

The star, real name Corey Miller and brother of No Limits Records boss Master P, is accused of killing 16-year-old Steve Thomas will a single fatal shot to the chest following a rap contest on January 12.

At the same time as the hearing, in Jefferson Parish District Court, Miller’s legal team were in Baton Rouge working for the rapper on an unrelated second charge. In August, a warrant was issued for his arrest for attempted murder and illegal weapon use. Because the January arrest violated the terms of his release on bond in Baton Rouge, he was advised not to post bail in Jefferson Parish.

“The court advised us that if he did [post bail], he would be transported back to Baton Rouge,” C-Murder’s lawyer Roy Maughan told MTV. “But since he hasn’t actually been charged yet in Baton Rouge, we discussed what the charges would be, and the charges would be less than attempted murder.”

C-Murder remains in custody at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Facility in Gretna, Louisiana.

His trial date has been set for April 15.