The parents of the teenager the rapper is accused of murdering pile on the pressure...

Rapper C-MURDER’s legal problems have taken a further turn for the worst as the parents of the teenager he is accused of killing have issued a wrongful death writ.

The suit was filed on Monday (March 4) by George and Dolores Thomas the parents of 16-year-old Steve Thomas, gunned down at the Platinum Club in Harvey, Louisiana in January. They claim C-Murder, real name Corey Miller, shot Thomas because he was “upset and angry” that he was getting a less favourable reaction during a rap contest in which they both were participating.

C-Murder has 15 days from the day he is served to answer the suit. Currently being held at the Jefferson Correctional Facility, he is expected to be served within the week.

Meanwhile, C-Murder plans to plead not guilty to second degree murder during a hearing later this week. His defence team are working to prove mistaken identity. The outcome of the criminal case will affect the civil case.

Also named in the Thomas family suit is the Platinum Club. MTV reports they are going after the Club because it allowed their underage son entry and because it failed to provide a safe environment by “failing to monitor and prevent the introduction into, and use of firearms in, the club”.