The star is expected to plead not guilty to the shooting of a 16-year-old boy...

Rapper C-MURDER, who was charged last week with second-degree murder over the death of a teenager in a LOUISIANA nightclub, “vehemently denies” all charges, and is expected to plead not guilty, according to a statement issued by his record company.

C-Murder, real name Corey Miller and brother of No Limit Records founder Master P, is accused of shooting and killing 16-year-old Steve Thomas with a single gunshot to the chest following an argument at the Platinum Club in Harvey, Louisiana, on January 12.

Now, a statement released by his representatives says that witnesses who saw the shooting saw someone else fire the gun.

“Many witnesses who were present on the night of the shooting… have confirmed that it was not C-Murder they saw fire the gun,” the statement reads. “Also, the initial reports to the police via 911 calls were that the perpetrator was unknown. In addition, the police reports from the scene stated the perpetrator was a named teenager from the West Bank. Miller is not a teenager, never resided on the West Bank and is a very recognisable personality, especially in his home state of Louisiana. Lastly, the first witness that claimed Miller committed the offence originally told the police a different story and identified a different person.”

Launch.com also reports that Master P has been speaking up for his troubled brother.

“I think in every family you have somebody that goes the wrong direction. I definitely been praying for him that one day he will get focused. With me, I’m glad that people judge me for an individual. And me and my son are definitely trying to do the right thing,” he said. “I just think he got caught up with the wrong crowd, and hanging with the wrong people. Even though he’s innocent on this… But when you make that type of money, and you come from hip-hop, people are looking at you, so you definitely have to wonder and worry about the places. You can’t do the same thing you used to do. So, I think he just got trapped up in the situation. That a lot of these stars have gotten trapped up into.”

C-Murder is being held at Jefferson Correctional Facility in Gretna, Louisiana. He has elected not to post bail, set at $1million. If convicted of second degree murder, under Louisiana law he could face life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.