The controversial US black civil rights and political leader, seen as a spiritual guide by many hiphop superstars, manages to overturn a ban which has lasted since 1986...

Controversial US black civil rights and political leader LOUIS FARRAKHAN, seen as a spiritual guide by many hiphop superstars, has won a High Court battle against a Government ban preventing him from entering the UK.

The Nation Of Islam head, who spoke at the recent inaugural hiphop summit in New York, has been banned from the country by successive home secretaries since 1986.

According to CNN, Mr Justice Turner this morning (July 31) ruled that the ban must be quashed and said that he would give his full reasons later.

The Government had hoped to continue the ban as they argued Farrakhan’s previous anti-Semitic remarks would stir up racial tension and spark civil unrest.

Farrakhan’s lawyers argued that the latest decision to maintain the ban, taken by previous Home Secretary Jack Straw last November, made Britain appear “an over-protective nanny state”.

Through his lawyer, Farrakhan expressed regret to the court over the language he had used in the past. But he did not indicate anywhere he was withdrawing his remarks, which included a reference to Judaism as “synagogues of Satan”.

It is unclear how the Government will react to the court order, particularly given the racial tension that has led to serious rioting in many northern cities this summer. And it is equally unclear when Farrakhan, now 67 and ill with cancer, plans to make the visit.