And it's going to get better...

NME RADIO is now the fastest growing Internet radio station on the web, it has just been announced.

NME Radio continues to grow rapidly and December saw the station increase its audience by 189 per cent.

The station – driven by the kind of music in the pages of NME and on NME.COM every week – has broken into the top 20 in the world ranking in January according to Measurecast.com, the Internet Radio Auditers. Measurecast monitor 1,000 Internet stations.

NME.COM Editor Anthony Thornton said; “It’s amazing that in just six months we’ve gone from nowhere to the top 25, it must be the fact that the people who actually listen to it and care about it are the people who influence it.

“And now we’ve made it even easier the station’s going to get better. Plus we’re adding more editorial features in the coming weeks after our top 50 albums of 2001 rundown proved to be so popular.”

“We’ve also got some very exciting features for around the NME Carling Awards which should prove to be even more popular than the top albums rundown. So watch[url=]www.nmeradio.com.”