The song revived the singer's faltering career - but it took a while before she came round to the idea...

SOPHIE ELLIS-BEXTOR has said the first time she heard SPILLER‘s dance anthem ‘GROOVEJET (IF THIS AIN’T LOVE)’, on which she provided vocals, she wasn’t impressed.

The track topped the UK charts and went on to become one of the dance anthems of last year.

However, speaking in the current issue of Smash Hits magazine Ellis-Bextor said the track didn’t appeal to her taste at first.

She said: “I thought, ‘Why the hell have they sent me this? There’s no way I’m going to do a dance song’. I remember stopping it halfway through because I thought, ‘Well it’s nice, but it’s completely not my kind of thing’. Then I put it on a couple of weeks later and I quite liked the feel of it.”

Ellis-Bextor releases a new single, ‘Take Me Home’, on August 13.