The late comic genius' best moments on one CD...

A compilation of late comic genius BILL HICKS’ sketches are being released as a “best of” compilation through RYKODISC.

‘Philosophy: The Best Of Bill Hicks’ is released on September 17 in the UK, the following day in the US. It draws from his four albums, ‘Dangerous’, ‘Relentless’, ‘Arizona Bay’ and ‘Rant In E Minor’, and was compiled under guidance from the Hicks estate.

American stand-up Hicks, who was a vociferous critic of homogenised, commercialised, “corporate cock-sucking” pop acts of his day such as New Kids On The Block, MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice, urging bands to “play from your fucking heart”, had a brief stab at being in a rock group with high school friends called Marblehead Johnson, and was a passionate music fan.

Among the bands who professed support for Hicks’ work were Radiohead, Rage Against The Machine and Tool.

Hicks died of pancreatic cancer in February 26, 1994, aged 32.