The file-sharing site has until early August to launch appeal so that it can get its house in order...

The clock is ticking for NAPSTER, with an August 9 deadline being set for an appeal in US courts.

The file-sharing site, which has been offline since July 2 trying to tighten up its filtering systems and remove copyrighted songs, was told on Monday (July 16) that it has until August 9 to file a brief with the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeal, according to Associated Press.

As previously reported, last week Judge Marilyn Hall Patel ordered that the company must stay offline until it had done everything possible to prevent online music piracy.

Napster bosses pledged to keep 99% of music off its service, but the judge decreed that no less than 100% was acceptable.

Now Napster has until August 9 to file for an emergency stay, which would allow it to relaunch, while an appeal against that ruling is heard.

Once the Napster appeal has been filed, the recording industry will have a further 28 days in which to respond.