Bosses of the under-fire file-swapping software provider say they have a system which can control files once they are downloaded...

NAPSTER has begun to reveal details of a new service, which will have an MP3 protection lawyer to monitor files as they are swapped and will be launched as soon as possible, according to founder SHAWN FANNING.

According to reports on MTV, the service should now be able to control what music fans do with swapped files that are downloaded, which may mean they can prevent them from being burned on to a CD.

CEO Hank Barry said: “Today’s announcement underscores one key fact: the real questions about Napster’s future are economic, not technical or legal. This solution is further evidence of the seriousness of our effort to reach an agreement with the record companies that will keep Napster running, reliable, and enjoyable.”

As reported on NME.COM on Monday (February 12), the site is facing closure after a judge at an appeal court in San Fransisco found largely in favour of the major American record labels who want the site closed, but said that the injunction which would shut the site down must be revised. Napster immediately declared that a last-minute solution was being sought to avoid its closure.