The artist behind a recent NME cover is linking up with Delta and Futura...

MODE2, the graffiti artist responsible for NME’s recent collector’s-edition hiphop special cover, is joining fellow renowned graffiti names DELTA and FUTURA to launch a collective website,

The idea for a transatlantic graffiti collective started in spring 2000 at a club called MORe in Modena, Italy. The trio joined forces to create a unique piece of art on the walls in the venue. The project was filmed, with a DVD of the event to appear later this year. Mo’Wax have kindly supplied the soundtrack.

The project has caused excited ripples in the world of graffiti artists and hiphop, given the geographical distance between the trio and their pedigree.

Mode2 splits his time between London and Paris, Delta is from Amsterdam and Futura, an old associate of Madonna, is from New York.