Cadaver Inc's website claims to "put you in control of the murder"...

A secret service investigation has been launched into Norwegian death metal outfit CADAVER INC over their website – – which claims to “put you in control of the murder”.

The band’s website, which claims to have had over three million hits, had put the Norwegian Parliament address as their contact address “to see if the government agencies were watching,” according to guitarist Anders Odden.

And it seems they were. According to this week’s Kerrang!, the parliament’s head of security Gerrit Loberg said: “We asked the police to contact the people responsible for the page. Its content is obviously bordering on criminal actions. If this is a joke, it has gone too far.”

The address has since been removed, but the controversial site remains in full gruesome glory, offering “quick, efficient and affordable corpse removal,” organ extraction, witness removal and murder scene clean-up.

Additionally, they are preparing to release their debut album, ‘Discipline’ on April 16 through Earache, and have a gig lined up with Morbid Angel and Zyklon at London Mean Fiddler on May 12.