The embattled file-sharing service are urging supporters to attend a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in Washington...

Rockstars are lining up to join the battle between the music industry and NAPSTER, when the case for the future of music on the Internet is taken to the Senate in WASHINGTON DC today (April 3).

Chuck D, a vociferous Napster supporter, is already in Washington, home of the US government, where he spoke at an open forum at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center yesterday, alongside Napster founder Shawn Fanning.

Now Alanis Morissette, The Eagles‘ Don Henley and Ted Nugent are rumoured to be joining the fray.

Henley and Nugent have both criticised Napster in the past, and are likely to lend their weight to the Recording Industry Association of America.

Meanwhile, Napster have been appealing to supporters of the controversial file-sharing network to attend a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in Washington later today to “help educate Congress” about the issues surrounding the service.

According to a report on the Wall Of Sound news service, the stars are “tentatively” scheduled to testify, alongside various representatives from Napster and the RIAA, who are opposed to Napster allowing its users to download MP3 files of copyrighted songs for free.

In other developments, Public Enemy founder Chuck D appears as a keynote speaker at the NME.COM ‘Net Sounds’ conference – an annual Internet music conference for the music industry – in London next month.

The event, held at Hilton Park Lane on May 2 and 3, will cover issues including how Madonna and MSN blazed a trail for global domination via webcasting, the future of free file-sharing, the innovation of Internet radio and how the Internet has impacted on the relationship between artists and labels.