The under-fire file-sharing application faces yet more legal woe...

NAPSTER are facing more legal woes, after the organisers of the GRAMMY AWARDS launched a copyright infringement lawsuit against them.

According to Reuters news service, the the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) filed a suit in San Francisco yesterday (March 6), seeking millions of dollars in damages from Napster.

They claim that Napster allowed MP3 files recorded from the show to be traded on the network.

President of the National Academy, Michael Greene said: “The day following the Grammy Awards we were in the recording studio remixing all of this stuff with the intention of putting it out, only to find that all of the audio was already up on Napster.”

Eminem dueted with Elton John at the Grammys last month, and within hours their version of ‘Stan’ was available on Napster. Greene said the Recording Academy are “reevaluating” whether the song will now be given a commercial release.

Other bands that appeared at the event included U2 and Madonna.

This latest lawsuit comes following Napster’s offer to remove copyrighted songs from their service at the request of the major record labels. A court in the US ruled Napster should remove the songs within 72 hours of being informed of the infringements.