Luckily for Britney, they're all just puppets. And not in the clever metaphorical way...

LIAM and NOEL GALLAGHER, BRITNEY SPEARS, DR DRE and EMINEM are among the stars set to be immortalised as marionettes living together on one street, NME.COM can reveal.

In ‘Top Of The Poppets’, due to be broadcast in the UK on digital channel BBC Choice on February 21, the stars will be featured in a series of bizarre sketches, joined by others such as Robbie Williams, Craig David and Jim Morrison.

In the show, all the characters (two foot high, hand-made papier-mache puppets) live on the same street in a town called Poppetland. Recordings of the artists’ own voices, lifted from the BBC’s vast archive, have been used. Given its wry tone, ‘Top Of The Poppets’ has been compared to the infamous satirical political show ‘Spitting Image’. Others have classed it as a cross between ‘Thunderbirds’ and ‘Later… With Jools Holland’.

Angus McIntyre, the man behind the project, said the current line-up is only the beginning: “We have made more than 20 characters and we can make hundreds more. We can have a scene where Dr Dre is jamming with Britney Spears and Robbie Williams. The possibilities are endless,” he told Scotland’s Sunday Mail.

He added: “I grew up watching programmes such as ‘The Tube’ and the idea was to capture the same spirit and sense of humour. I hope the stars themselves will take the puppets as a compliment.”

McIntyre was also the man behind ‘The Story Of Belle And Sebastian with George Miller’, a documentary that told the story of the publicity-shy band using animated comic strips. He is hoping ‘Top Of The Poppets’ can be developed to become a successful series.