Rapper Lil Jon claims Donald Trump made racist comments towards him on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

Lil Jon appeared on the US show in 2011

Rapper Lil Jon has claimed that Donald Trump made racially-charged remarks towards him when he appeared on Celebrity Apprentice.

Lil Jon (real name Jonathan Smith) took part in the eleventh season of the show in 2011, with reports recently surfacing that Trump had referred to Lil Jon as ‘Uncle Tom’ when he was dressed as Uncle Sam, the symbolic personification of America.

Uncle Tom was the title character of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s 1852 novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin. It has since become a negative epithet to mean a black man who appeases white people.

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Commenting on the reports in a statement posted to Twitter, Lil Jon said: “When this ‘Uncle Tom’ incident happened on Celebrity Apprentice in the boardroom several of my cast mates and I addressed Mr Trump immediately when we heard the comment.”

“I can’t say if he knew what he was actually saying or not, but he did stop using that term once we explained its offensiveness.”

The rapper added: “I also want to be clear that I don’t agree with many of the statements Mr. Trump has said during his current run of President.”

See that tweet beneath.

Over the weekend, Donald Trump hit out at Saturday Night Live and Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of him.

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