iPhone 7 owners are drilling into their phone to find ‘hidden’ headphone socket

iPhone owners are falling for a prank video

Owners of the new iPhone 7 are drilling a hole into their phone in a bid to try to find a supposedly hidden headphone socket.

A prank video by tech site TechRax claims to show how to find the socket by drilling a hole into near its Lightning recharge point.

The video has so far had over 13 million views, and some viewers have been taking it seriously. In the YouTube comments, Miranda Gonzalez wrote: “I tried this, and now there’s no sound coming out of my phone”, while Sinus Plexus said: “Now my old headphones fit in, but the phone doesn’t work any more.”

One viewer, Art Cancro, even claimed that TechRax’s “advice” worked, claiming that the iPhone 7 has the same internal components as previous iPhones to enable headphones to work. He said: “Apple only removed the outer part of the jack for cosmetic reasons.”

The removal of the headphone socket is one of the most significant changes on the iPhone 7. The socket has been removed to make the phone slimmer, which means it is now compatible with either wireless headphones or ones which plug directly into the Lightning socket. The iPhone 7 has also improved its speakers.

For the first time since the iPhone 2 was launched in 2008, Apple have not revealed early sales figures for the iPhone 7, which was launched in September. Apple say it’s because these numbers are no longer representative. However, while some experts have said that the iPhone 7 lacks as many new features as its predecessors, sales are expected to still be strong. It’s estimated that 13 million iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus handsets were sold in its first weekend, the same as were sold for the iPhone 6 in 2014.

There have been rumours that Apple is saving a number of new innovations for the iPhone’s tenth anniversary next year.