Meghan Trainor’s new video for ‘Dear Future Husband’ criticised for being ‘sexist’

The clip features the singer scrubbing a kitchen floor

Meghan Trainor‘s new music video has evoked criticism online.

The singer, who rose to fame following her smash hit ‘All About That Bass’ in 2014, has released ‘Dear Future Husband’ from her recent debut studio album ‘Title’. However, its accompanying clip, which at one point features the singer scrubbing a kitchen floor, has been labelled as “sexist” and criticised for perpetuating gender stereotypes.

One Twitter user wrote: “The gender role stereotypes in Meghan Trainor’s new video/song jesus christ”, while Nylon said the video is “taking us back to the ’50s, and not in a good way”.


Website XOJane recently posted an article called ‘Dear Meghan Trainor: Here’s Why “Dear Future Husband” Sucks’, in which the author writes: “This is at least the second time Meghan Trainor has dabbled in what momentarily seems like an anthem of female empowerment and self-confidence only to undermine her own message with contradictory lyrics.”

“This time around, she’s championing what I can only describe as an obnoxiously high-maintenance, heteronormative pipe nightmare poorly disguised as a swirly rainbow lollipop of girl power.”

The author continues: “The title and first line of the song are hugely problematic. This premise is upsetting, to say the least. The assumption that she’s going to get married (I mean, it’s just what normal people do, right?), the impersonality, the putting-the-cart-before-the-horse-ness of it all — it doesn’t sit well with me.”

Watch the video in question below.

In February, Trainor reached the Number One spot in the Official UK Album Chart this week with ‘Title’. The record knocked Mark Ronson’s ‘Uptown Special’ from the top position.