Has Sia responded to the lawsuit claiming her show was “impersonal” and “lacklustre”?

Singer appears to respond to the lawsuit in a pair of recent tweets

Sia has apparently responded to a lawsuit from fans in Israel who claim her recent gig there was so bad that they want a refund.

The stadium show at Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park saw Sia play for just 65 minutes, which is the main complaint in a class-action lawsuit filed in court.

As is now customary ta Sia shows, the singer stood at the back of the stage during her performance, with a lampshade-style curtain of hair obscuring her face. The lawsuit says that it led to the show feeling “lacklustre”.

The lawsuit also complains that Sia’s vocals and between-song chat was “impersonal”, as she didn’t mention being in Tel Aviv or Israel. The other main thrust of the complaint is that the venue’s big screens showed pre-recorded films, rather than the gig, which left fans at the back of the park unable to see.

Taking to Twitter earlier today (August 19), Sia wrote: “This euro tour has been amazing. Thank you all for singing at the top of your lungs and for welcoming me with such open hearts.”

She also wrote, perhaps more pertinently to the lawsuit: “I put everything I have into my show- it’s abstract for sure, but I’m singing my heart out live and every moment is purely intentional.”

Sia’s tour promoter, Ilan Elkayam, has already hit back at the lawsuit. Elkayam told IQ: “We wish to emphasise that the show was extremely successful. We have received hundreds of comments from satisfied fans who thoroughly enjoyed the performance and production. In addition, it should be noted that, to the best of our knowledge, the claim was not submitted against Sia herself.”

Sia is due to play at V Festival for her ‘This Is Acting’ album this weekend.