Daniel Radcliffe on his career post-‘Harry Potter’: ‘I had a huge amount to prove’

Actor speaks to NME as part of this week's exclusive cover feature

Daniel Radcliffe speaks to NME for an exclusive cover feature in this week’s magazine (available free in the UK from Friday, November 27).

The actor discussed his career choices post Harry Potter which have seen him move away from blockbusters to play characters including poet Allen Ginsberg and Igor in this year’s Victor Frankenstein.

“People do ask me, ‘Why do you choose such weird movies?’ but I don’t think they’re weird, they’re just stories I’m interested in,” Radcliffe says. “Isn’t having weird tastes good, though? I think so. I think that’s better than always wanting to play the handsome hero.”

Talking about how he viewed his career after the Harry Potter franchise ended in 2011, Radcliffe adds: “I had a huge amount to prove. Proving that you can be a young actor and not be a complete fucking disaster when you grow up. That is the – quite unfair I think – image that people have of young actors. There are a huge number of child actors who grow up fine. Always with my career in film, I saw Potter as an amazing beginning to it. I’m sure I’ll never hit that kind of commercial peak again but very, very few people will.”

However, Radcliffe hasn’t moved entirely past the Harry character and says he is keen to catch the upcoming West End production of Harry Potter And The Cursed Child.

“It’s weird,” he says. “But I’m happy for it to go on without me. I’ve no ownership of it.” Would he go and see it? “Now that I know [Harry’s in it] I actually really want to see it. It would be a mental thing to try and see it with lots of very excited Harry Potter fans. But I kind of would like to know what happens now.”

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