Francis Lung to release ‘Faeher’s Son’ EP in November – hear new song ‘Oh My Love’ now

Former Wu Lyf member reveals details of new Big Star-inspired EP

Francis Lung will release his new EP ‘Faeher’s Son’ on November 20 – listen to new song ‘Oh My Love’ below.

Formerly a member of Manchester band WU LYF, who split in 2012, Francis Lung (aka Tom McLung) has been releasing solo material for the past three years and will release the ‘Faeher’s Son’ EP on his own label, Songs Records.

Speaking to NME about his solo work, he admitted that he wants to create something classic in the songs. “I first started putting out music as Francis Lung in 2012 so it’s been a while coming,” he said. “I wanted it to be right.”

“At the time of writing the songs, I’d been listening to a lot of Alex Chilton and Big Star and realising that there’s something incredible and really difficult about being able to write songs with a massive classic pop sensibility. I wanted songs that could stand up to old classic ’70s pop songs with a real ABC songbook simplicity – verse, chorus, middle eight, no gimmicks.”

Speaking about WU LYF, McLung admitted that the band let their reputation preceed them on occasion, saying: “I could have tried to do something similar to WU LYF but I would have probably failed.”

“I felt in that band there was this perception of what we were supposed to be like, and we half ended up trying to live up to that expectation. But our personalities, my personality, wasn’t really like that. So much of all that was what I think the press projected onto us. This is more me, no smoke and mirrors. It’s so much easier being myself.”

‘Faeher’s Son’ will be available both digitally and on limited edition vinyl – just 500 copies of heavy-weight white vinyl, each one coupled with a handwritten lyric sheet.

‘Faeher’s Son’ EP tracklist:

Faeher’s Son Tracklisting:

‘Something Blue’
‘Where Life Comes To Live’
‘Oh My Love’
‘Back One Day’
‘Age Limits’
‘You Know What I Mean’

To mark the EP release, Francis Lung will perform at London’ St Pancras Old Church on November 16.