Shoegaze band Whirr dropped by label following transphobic Twitter insults

Group have apologised after insulting punk outfit G.L.O.S.S, fronted by transgender singer Sadie Switchblade

Shoegaze band Whirr have been dropped by their record label over transphobic comments made via the group’s official Twitter account.

A series of tweets were sent from the Bay Area band’s Twitter page overnight including disparaging remarks about fellow band GLOSS, a punk outfit from Olympia fronted by transgender singer Sadie Switchblade.

A tweet from the band read: “Lol @ G.L.O.S.S”, before labelling the group as “boys running around in panties making shitty music” and mocking the the high rate of suicide in the transgender community. See the tweets in full below.

Following criticism of the band’s comments, their label Run For Cover issued a statement on Twitter to announce that they would be parting ways with Whirr. The statement read: “We as individuals and as a label are accepting of all people and require the same from the bands and people we work with… We will not be working with Whirr from this point on and do not support that behavior in anyway. We will post a full statement tomorrow.”

The label continued: “G.L.O.S.S. is awesome and crucially important and we need more bands like them.”

Meanwhile, GLOSS singer Sadie Switchblade has launched a Twitter account to respond to the remarks, writing: “‘boys in panties’ > boys with clean flannels and backstage laminates who hate women because they know women are superior to them… your band is nothing but background music for Pitchfork-reading GoogleGlass enthusiasts and NPR liberals”.

Whirr have apologised for the comments and blamed the messages on a friend who had the password to their account. NME has approached Whirr for a comment but are yet to receive a response.