Andrew WK and Moby perform at Dancing Man party in Los Angeles

The party was held in honour of a man bullied on the internet for dancing

A party was held in honour of internet sensation Dancing Man on Saturday night (May 23) in Los Angeles.

Dancing Man went viral in March after two pictures of the individual, Sean O’Brien from London, were posted to the online message board 4Chan with internet users bullying the man for his weight. The photographs caught the attention of writer Cassandra Fairbanks, who helped track down O’Brien and organised a party in his honour.

“Our entire group was horrified seeing the cruelty represented in the post, and seeing as this amazing group has done so many charitable and beautiful things in the past, I decided to throw out an offer to pay for his flight here if we could find him and throw him a party,” Fairbanks wrote in March, who posts under the name Cassandra Rules.

The Dancing Man party was held at the Avalon club in LA, with Moby DJ-ing and Andrew WK giving a talk. Monica Lewinsky also gave a speech at the event (see below). While Pharrell Williams had planned to attend, he instead sent a message via Twitter.


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Monica Lewinsky at the #DancingMan party!

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A crowdfunding page set up to fund the party doubled its $20,000 (£13,300) target that the organisers were seeking, reaching over $40,000 (£26,000). The petition read: “We started this so that we could dance with one man, who had been shamed from dancing in public. Many of us know what it is like to not be comfortable in our own skin- and the photograph resonated with all of us. When we saw the worlds response throughout the night – it became clear this was bigger than us, bigger than him, and the start of a beautiful wave of solidarity against bullying, against body-shaming, and an inspiration to ?#?Dancefree? in our own bodies.”