Three-year-old DJ Arch Jr makes it to semi-finals on ‘South Africa’s Got Talent’ – watch

'The world's youngest DJ' impressed on the TV talent show

A three-year-old DJ has made it to the semi-final of South Africa’s Got Talent.

DJ Arch Jr – who has been labelled ‘the world’s youngest DJ’ – recently appeared on the South African version of the popular TV talent show, having become a viral sensations when videos of him DJing were posted online earlier in the year.

The youngster’s father explained how he was first introduced to electronic music.

He said: “I downloaded this DJing software for my own personal use. [Arch Jr] enjoyed messing around on that app and just had this love for music. Instead of me having to DJ at home alone, now I have a partner to do things with.”

Arch Jr’s performance on the show was so well received by the judges that one of the panel, DJ Fresh, pushed the ‘golden buzzer’, which granted the contestant with a shortcut to the semi-final.

DJ Fresh said: “Golden buzzer means one thing, it means that I’m loving it so much that I want to send him straight to the semi-final. Well done, my boy.”

Watch DJ Arch Jr’s performance on South Africa’s Got Talent below.

Also see the young DJ performing at home in the clip beneath.