George Osborne says he likes NWA and Sufjan Stevens

The Chancellor spoke of his music taste in an interview with the Daily Mail

Chancellor George Osborne has revealed his love of legendary rap group NWA as well as singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens.

The Tory politician recently spoke of his diverse music taste with the Daily Mail, claiming to have attended a NWA concert in the early 90s.

The article also claims that Osborne “enjoys the haunting, maudlin tracks of alternative folk musician Sufjan Stevens”.

Osborne also revealed that he writes his speeches whilst listening to Bach’s ‘Goldberg Variations’.

Meanwhile, the Chancellor also revealed that his daughter banned him from attending a Taylor Swift concert with her because he is “really uncool”.

Osborne isn’t the first politician to speak of their musical tastes. David Cameron is a well known fan of The Smiths and Gordon Brown previously stated that he likes Arctic Monkeys.