Music vlogger mistaken for Oregon school shooter in TV news report – watch

Anthony Fantano is well known for reviewing albums on his Needle Drop Youtube channel

Popular music vlogger Anthony Fantano – best known for his Youtube channel The Needle Drop – has criticised an Australian news network for incorrectly using his image during a bulletin regarding Oregon school shooter Chris Mercer.

Mercer opened fire at a college in the US on Thursday, killing 10 people. As news of the incident rolled in, it appears that SBS News, an Australia-based news organisation, mistook an image of Fantano for one of Mercer.

The mistake seems to originate from comments several individuals made online of the pair bearing a physical resemblance.

Addressing the matter, Fantano says in a Youtube video: “The person who has been named as the shooter I guess has a short haircut, glasses, round head and is on the internet [so] that is enough to draw a visual comparison between two people.”

He added: “So, of course, the internet having the dark sense of humour that is does says that I look like this guy, which is – in my opinion – not something to be joking about… [but] it’s to be expected…”

However, Fantano was less forgiving of SBS’ mistake, continuing: “I can’t believe it didn’t dawn on these people to do a reverse image search or even think that it was strange that I had a record collection behind me or that I don’t even look that much like the guy they were posting photos of until that point. I think it just says a lot about the current state of journalism, I guess.”

The vlogger, who regularly reviews albums online through his Youtube channel, has stated that he’s sent a cease and desist request to SBS in the event that they continue to repeat the mistake, and is also looking for “some kind of retraction, apologising and setting the record straight”.

See the error at the 1.36 mark in the clip below and also watch Fantano’s video response in full.