Spotify and Uber team up for in-car playlists

The new feature will allow passengers to control what’s played out of the Uber vehicle's speakers

Smartphone ridesharing app Uber is teaming up with Spotify to allow passengers to play their curated playlists during their journey.

Based in San Francisco, Uber allows customers to connect directly to designated Uber drivers and request rides and drop-offs.

The new app feature will allow passengers control over what’s playing out of the vehicle’s speakers as they enter any Spotify-enabled Uber vehicle. The passenger’s app is connected to the driver’s, who is requested to plug their device into the speaker system.

Speaking about the partnership, Spotify founder Daniel Ek stated: “Having Spotify available in your Uber car, we think takes Spotify to the next level. Imagine you’re going to a party on a Friday night, you can choose which music is playing to get you in the mood.”

From November 21, Uber customers in London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Stockholm, Toronto, Singapore, Sydney and New York will be the first to be able to combine their playlist preferences with the ridesharing service.

Uber have previously partnered with Starbucks, NFL and United Airlines with other commercial tie-ins.