Grime MC Afrikan Boy plays gig to refugees in Calais – watch

London-based, second-generation Nigerian immigrant played a surprise gig last week

Grime MC Afrikan Boy recently played a surprise gig at a refugee camp in Calais.

The London-based musician travelled to perform for refugees fleeing war-torn countries last week.

“I speak a lot about migration and immigration visas in my music,” Afrikan Boy told Noisey. “My UK background means I’ve grown up around all the talk of fake passports and visas. Now I’m older I’m aware of the impact that migration and immigration has on the economy as a whole.”

He added, “My music is almost about identity and displaced identity. I was born in the UK but my family is from Nigeria and I feel I was made in Africa so I grew up with dual identity.”

Describing the experience, Afrikan Boy said, “It was like being in Africa, but with European air. The rawness of how these people are living, it’s very basic… The crowd were ready and attentive and really gave me a lot of energy that I propelled back to them. Music has the power to distract you but also deliver a powerful message.”

Watch footage of his performance, shot in partnership with Secret Cinema, below.

Thousands of people have been left stranded after leaving Syria and other war-torn countries and attempting to seek refuge in Europe. After initially saying the country would not accept any more refugees, the British government backtracked and announced plans for 20,000 people to enter the country in the next five years.