Ricky Gervais to release album as David Brent as part of ‘Life On The Road’ film

'The Office' character's album will be released on Juxtaposition Records

Ricky Gervais will release an album as The Office character David Brent, he has confirmed.

David Brent will make his big screen debut in summer 2016 after Gervais secured financing for his spin-off film.

Titled Life On The Road, the documentary-style film will follow Gervais’ former paper merchants boss as he tries to drum up funds to take his band Foregone Conclusion on tour. Gervais, the spin-off’s writer-director-star, revealed last year that he has written “all new tracks” for the film.

As part of the film, a full album by Brent will be recorded and released. Gervais broke the news earlier today (September 15) on his website, adding that the album will be released on Juxtaposition Records; the same name given to the fictional label created by Brent in the BBC sitcom after he is made redundant from his job as Slough paper merchant Wernham Hogg.

NMEPress/Nick Collett

“We’ve decided to put out a soundtrack album… On Juxtaposition Records of course,” Gervais wrote.

He went on to discuss the film, writing: “Finished the shooting script for Life On The Road. Now that movie is 110 pages of pure joy. Delusion, desperation and excruciating social faux pas; all wrapped up in one little middle-aged rep on his continued quest for fame and acceptance.”

Last year Gervais released a demo for one of the new songs he has written for the Brent film. Titled ‘Slough’, the song was part of Gervais’ Bloomsbury Theatre set last year, when the actor performed his first concerts as David Brent & Foregone Conclusion with a backing band that included former Razorlight member Andy Burrows.