A Taylor Swift retweet ‘more personal’ than a celebrity autograph, new study reveals

New survey shows music fans prefer Twitter because they can 'get to know artists as real people'

A new survey conducted by Twitter has shown that music fans feel that a retweet from their favourite band or artist is “more personal” than an autograph.

Seventy-four per cent of the fans surveyed said they found a traditional pen on paper autograph just as appealing as a retweet. However, many went on to say a retweet was infact “better” because it felt “more authentic”, while 60 per cent of those polled described Twitter as their favourite form of social media interaction because it “allows them to get to know artists as real people.”

Speaking to The Independent, 46-year-old Duran Duran fan Claudia explained why a retweet was preferable. “A retweet is better. With an autograph it’s just a scribble but a retweet is more personal. They [the artist] have taken the time to read your tweet and retweet it out of a thousand.”


Cultural anthropologist Dr John Curran, explained the psychology behind a retweet: “The retweet is better than the autograph, it says, ‘We almost could share a beer together.’ It’s a gift and its adds to their cultural capital – ‘Im a fan-plus’.”

A spokesman for Twitter said: “Digital culture changing the way we interact with our icons now that fans have direct access to their favourite singers and the selfie has become a staple of the red carpet. For many the retweet really is the new autograph.”