Anti-gay marriage clerk criticised by band Survivor for unauthorised use of ‘Eye Of The Tiger’

Kim Davis was jailed for six days for refusing to issue marriage licences to same-sex couples

Survivor have criticised Kim Davis, the US clerk who was recently jailed for six days after refusing to issue marriage licences to same-sex couples, for using their song ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ to celebrate her release.

Kentucky county clerk Davis was released from jail on Tuesday (September 8), greeting supporters at rally held by Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, making her way onto the stage to the Rocky III soundtrack hit.

“I just want to give God the glory,” Davis told the crowd. “His people have rallied and you are a strong people. We serve a living God who knows exactly where each and every one of us is at. Just keep on pressing. Don’t let down. Because he is here; he is worthy; he’s worthy. I love you guys. Thank you so much.”

However, Survivor have now claimed that Davis did not have permission to use the song. “NO! We did not grant Kim Davis any rights to use ‘Eye Of The Tiger,’” the band’s Frankie Sullivan wrote on Facebook.

“I would not grant her the rights to use Charmin! C’mom Mike, you are not The Donald but you can do better than that,” he said referring to Huckabee’s support for Davis.

Watch the incident below.