Babymetal say they want to headline Reading and Leeds following weekend’s set

Japanese teens say 'only the fox god knows' when they will return to the festival

J-Pop/metal teens Babymetal have revealed that they hope to take the headline slot at Reading and Leeds one day.

NME spoke to the group at Reading on Saturday (August 29) about whether they would like to come back and play the festival.

Su-Metal of the talked-about three-piece said: “Absolutely! We were very nervous for there to be so many people. Some day I would like to see everyone in the crowd holding up a fox sign.”

When asked if they could plot a potential date for their return performance, the band – made up of Su-metal, 16, Moametal, 14, and Yuimetal, 14 – said: “Only the fox god knows.”

Babymetal were also asked why they think they connect with people across so many different cultures.

“I think people like catchy and new type of music,” said Babymetal’s Yuimetal. “Fans here and outside of Japan are all so welcoming. Watching them have fun makes us more happy and it gives us the motivation to move on further with Babymetal and do more.”

The three-piece recently supported Lady Gaga on her US tour, opening up for the singer at five shows in July and August. They had been due to make their UK debut at Sonisphere this June, but organisers cancelled the event because they couldn’t get a suitable line-up together.

Opening the Main Stage on the Saturday, Babymetal here“>delivered one of the most batshit crazy sets Reading has seen. Their Sunday performance at Bramham Park brought ‘true metal’ to Leeds.