Vinyl buyers are middle-aged introverts according to new study

YouGov reveals the results of a new study that looked into the demographics of vinyl buyers

Vinyl buyers have been revealed as lonely, middle-aged introverts according to a new study by YouGov the looked into the demographics of vinyl buyers in 2016.

YouGov’s research cites that the majority of vinyl buyers are aged between 45 and 54, with 18 to 24-year-olds least likely to buy their albums on wax. A US study last year claimed under-25’s to be the biggest buyers.

66% of vinyl enthusiasts revealed that they couldn’t get through the day without listening to music, compared to 49% of UK adults in general. 59% of record buyers said that downloading music illegally is wrong.


56% of them prefer to keep their feelings to themselves, with 69% saying that they enjoy being alone. Two-thirds (68%) of vinyl buyers say they enjoy seeing their favourite artists live (compared to 47%) and are more likely to be happy to spend money to support their preferred acts (21% compared to 9%).

It was recently revealed that David Bowie‘s ‘Blackstar’ is the best selling vinyl record of the year so far.

The late music icon’s final album was released on his 69th birthday (January 8) and two days before his death. According to data published by The Vinyl Factory, it has been purchased on vinyl 57,000 times so far in 2016.

Bowie beat Adele’s ’25’ to the top spot, which was also the best selling vinyl album of 2015, selling 116,000 copies last year. So far in 2016, ’25’ has shifted 36,000 vinyl copies.