Ned Flanders-themed band Okilly Dokilly reveal they are writing ‘an ode to the Leftorium’

World’s first ‘Nedal’ band will play debut gig on September 5 in Arizona

Okilly Dokilly, the world’s first Ned Flanders-themed metal band, have confirmed that they are working on songs inspired by The Simpsons character and told fans what to expect from their first live show next month (September).

The band, based in Phoenix, Arizona, went viral last week when they revealed themselves and their unique, Simpsons based set-up. Okilly Dokilly only formed in July but have already invented their own genre, Nedal, and lined up a gig in Phoenix on September 5.

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Each member of the band, Head Ned, Red Ned, Bled Ned, Thread Ned and Stead Ned, perform and rehearse dressed as Ned Flanders, including false moustaches. Speaking to NME, Head Ned admitted that this was causing issues for the group.

“Part of the band attire is a sweater and Phoenix just hit a record high of 117 degrees [47 celsius],” he said. “So the biggest challenge we’ve faced is not bursting into flames, as metal as that would be.”

To date Okilly Dokilly’s songs contain no references to the character’s most famous traits, including his Christianity, left-handedness or sons Rod and Todd. However, Head Ned says this will change soon.

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“We have some in the works. ‘All That Is Left’ is an ode to the Leftorium. Most of our songs are direct quotes of his, but it’s not a strict formula. We also use quotes from related characters or scenes. We’ve got upcoming songs that pull from the Hurricane Neddy episode, too.”

Fans will be able to hear these when the band play live for the first time next month. “We’re gonna give them a straightforward Okilly Dokilly show,” Head Ned says. “We’ll be in full attire, playing our songs with all the energy we have. I’m really looking forward to it.”


Check out Okilly Dokilly’s first demos below: