Zane Lowe says Beats 1 are working on replay and on-demand functions for radio service

Beats 1 DJ also reveals his ultimate vision for Apple Music's streaming service

Zane Lowe has said that Apple are working on adding on-demand and replay functions to Beats 1 radio.

The station launched at the end of June and features DJs including Lowe, Julie Adenuga and Ebro Darden alongside programmes hosted by musicians including Drake, Dr Dre, St Vincent, Josh Homme and Run The Jewels. At present, programming cannot be listened back to after it has aired, however this is something Lowe says he hopes will change soon.

“The personality of the station is developing over time,” he told Billboard. “We noticed in the first week people listened for really long amounts of time, which meant songs got tired quickly, so we revised our rotations. And we’re working on a replay service and we want to get full on-demand ready.”

The former Radio 1 DJ also outlined his mantra for broadcasting on the platform. “I have two quotes up on my wall: one is mine, ‘Quality and consistency creates the addiction.’ We want people to come back to Beats 1 because it has awakened something in them and they want to hear more. The other quote came from Jimmy [Iovine, Chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M] and is the station’s mantra: ‘Don’t be boring.’


Lowe, who left the BBC to help launch Apple’s global music station Beats 1, also set out his ultimate vision for the station and the company’s streaming service.

He added: “What we’re working toward is this one place where people can go to [the] For You [feature] and be fed these wonderful handmade playlists according to their tastes, go to Beats 1 and have a shared listening experience and then go to Connect and get close to the artists. The whole thing should work symbiotically.

“Also, we’re a broadcasting platform on a music service, so when people hear something they like, the idea is they’ll go deep: go into the music service, learn more, listen to the albums. That’s really important.”

The features of Apple Music include on-demand streaming and social networking that allows artists to connect with their fans.

Apple Music recently attracted criticism for revealing that musicians, producers, songwriters or rights holders would receive no royalties during a three-month free trial offered to listeners. The company later made a U-turn on its royalty scheme following an open letter from Taylor Swift, confirming that it will be now be paying artists during the trial.